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Imagine what our communities would be like if mindfulness and compassion were at the heart of city leadership. This vision is driving the Mindful Cities Initiative, a new social innovation project of the Foundation for a Mindful Society. The Mindful Cities Initiative heralds a new phase in the development of mindfulness in society. People are increasingly talking about the benefits of mindfulness practice in holistic terms: about personal wellness and public health, about mindfulness in the...

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Children who experience shame have a difficult time asking for what they need. They express themselves through subterfuge, manipulation, challenging behavior. The message is almost always the same. They are asking for connection...In so doing, no matter how they do it, they are risking the rejection they most fear.

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Miracle Messages is a nonprofit “reunion service” that reconnects people experiencing homelessness with their loved ones. The nonprofit sends volunteers out to record messages through video, audio and text, and with the help of volunteer online “detectives,” finds and shares those messages with loved ones. There are over half a million homeless people in the United States, and a variety of ways people who experience homelessness lose touch with loved ones. It might be something as...

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Aaron Schaidle, BSN, RN is a new school nurse working in Indiana. He contacted me via Twitter to share his view of why we need a school nurse in every school. Aaron provides a compelling perspective on safe staffing, through his lens as a new school nurse. I appreciate Aaron adding his voice to this important discussion. The health and safety of our students and staff are at risk, why is this even a question in 2019? But, as we know it is...there is no shortage of school nurses willing to...

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Elizabeth Huntley recalls the day when her family’s life was turned upside down. “One day my mom woke up and she packed up all of our clothes, all five of us…and she took me and my younger sister who had the same father… down to my paternal grandmother’s house…and she left us there. She took my middle sister to a town near Birmingham, Ala., and left her there. She took my only brother and an older sister back to Huntsville and left them at a sister’s house. Then she went back to that housing...

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Hi everyone, I'm interested in collecting the name and contact information for organizations in Kansas who are doing a great job at learning about/implementing ACEs and trauma-informed policies and practices. I have an organization asking if they can speak to organizations who are further along in their growth in this area. If you know of an organization (and person from there who is available to visit), please let me know ASAP. Thank you in advance for your help! Joyce McEwen CraneRead More...
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Real 14K pink gold 2.00Ct Moissanite Wedding and Engagement Rings Size 7 6 5 4.5 We are forming a steering committee to coordinate a countywide trauma-informed network. The overarching goal of this effort is to prevent and heal trauma across systems and build resilience in children, families and communities. As such, I'm looking for some examples of roles and responsibilities and decision making processes that you would be wiling to share. Any leads or information would be greatly appreciated!Read More...

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Denise DeMoria
Good Morning Everyone, I have been researching to figure out what NH is doing in every community regarding providing prevention and intervention in our schools. I feel it is imperiative that every city in NH have an effective way to get the message out and educate the public about ACE's. While there is a program called A.CE.R.T. in Manchester and it is a start, we need to expand these services to reach a wider population sooner than later, in order to help invoke social change. I am hoping...Pulsera Morellato women SCU05 Acero whiteo Piedras semipreciosas
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During my career in the public schools I had the rare opportunity to actually sit in the living room of a parent (s) and share my experience with their child in the school setting. Often, I would convey to them an incident that happened in the classroom.. So very often, I was asked what can I do and I suggested to them that together we might be able to solve the why of behaviors in school. Most likely the behaviors are not just school-based though they can be.. If, and the strongest term...Read More...
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Melissa L. McPheeters
In the summer months I have the opportunity to work at a summer day camp. Does anyone have experience with effectively bringing ACEs/Resilience to staff in this context? I know for the most part if would look very similar to staff development of any other kind; however, most staff are 16 years old-early 20s and have not necessarily had the extent of education/experiences that we find with the staff hired in the school settings where I work. I also want to be mindful that some of the junior...Pulsera Nomination Hombre 022513 024 Acero silver
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